Adventure through chocolate

There is nothing like traveling to a different country for the first time, or trying food from different cultures, or even listening to a song from a different part of the world. Maybe it is due to our Wanderlust spirit. At ChocolateHunt we satisfy that feeling every time we open a chocolate bar from a foreign country, or try chocolate made with cocoa beans from a remote island in Africa, or indulge in a 100 year-old recipe chocolate bar made with Alpine milk.

Our mission is to provide you with the widest variety of chocolate bars from all over the world so you can experience the love the world has to offer through chocolate. You can get to know culture, traditions and taste blends in every bite of your chocolate bar. Whether you seek to indulge your Wanderlust through chocolate or are simply on the hunt for your next favorite chocolate bar, at ChocolateHunt you will surely find what you are looking for.

Our story

ChocolateHunt is a small business based in Massachusetts founded by a couple who is passionate about traveling and chocolate. Having spent years exploring and discovering chocolate from different corners of the world, they noticed the scarcity of many amazing chocolate brands in the USA. Along with it, the limited options and unreliable delivery from popular market places made chocolate hunting a frustrating experience. So they decided to bring together their passion for chocolate and the will to provide other chocolate lovers a great variety of chocolate bars: ChocolateHunt was then created - by chocolate lovers to chocolate lovers.

ChocolateHunt Team

We hope you find your favorite chocolate bars and discover the rich, diverse and creative chocolate world that exists out there.